About me

Entrepreneur and wine enthusiast, I accompany people to take an interest in the field of wine and so become amateur wine.

A commercial wine and spirits training allows me to share with you my knowledge about wine. Living in Bordeaux for a long time, I can enjoy many exhibitions and events related to the world of wine to learn even more about this exciting environment.

I thought for too long that wine was a closed domain reserved for an elite. Do not make the same mistake as me! Being a wine lover is for everyone. Reading some articles on the subject will already allow you to know more than the majority of people, who nevertheless consumes this nectar quite regularly.

Through this site, I accompany those who want to become a wine lover. Whether for :

  • Shine in society
  • Have a new hobby
  • to be interested in the field of wine
  • cultivate

I put all my efforts to the contribution of your curiosity on the wine, and therefore to become of true Amateur Wine.

In this blog, you can for exemple discover:

  • The different vineyards of the world
  • Get tips like how to taste a wine or how to choose a wine
  • Learn more about the wine culture in general.

Start your quest for knowledge now:


Amateur Wine
Amateur wine