The rosé wine

rosé wine
rosé wine

The famous rosé wine comes only from red grapes, it can be vinified as a red wine or as a white wine. So we have :

The bleeding rosé: it is vinified in the same way as the red wine, except that the maceration is interrupted after 6 to 12 hours. This explains why the wine has this pink color instead of having the red hue. However, it will continue its fermentation to produce the wine.

Pressing rosé: as for white, pressing is done. The first press will give a very colorless liquid. The second will give a more or less colored liquid because of the contact of the juice and skins. The rosés obtained in this way are little or very little color.

For the record, it is thanks to the intervention of the Dutch that we learned how to age wines and therefore focus on red wines. It must be known that in the Middle Ages the inhabitants of France drank mainly exclusively rosé wine!

Some people do not really consider rosé wines as wines to taste. However, there are lots of castles that offer rosés of exceptional quality! Similarly in wine shops and restaurants, it is not difficult to find these wines. Like what they always have their place in the family of wines!

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