The 3 main stages of the wine tasting

Dégustation d'un vin

How to wine tasting?

Are you wondering how to enjoy a good wine? Should we make that awful noise that oenologists make just before spitting wine? Here, everything is explained to you with the three main stages of the tasting:

I. The sight

To better observe a wine, it is advisable to slightly tilt your glass by holding it by the foot. You will analyze:

the color: purplish red, ruby, garnet, tuile, amber ..

Clarity: if there are deposits or not,

intensity: if we see through the wine,

Brightness / brilliance: to be observed on the wine disc, ie the top of the wine,

Viscosity: if the wine is fat / sweet. To observe it, spin the wine in your glass and watch the tears running.

II. The nose

This operation of wine tasting is done in two stages, the first and the second nose. The first nose is for quickly smell the wine once. The second nose, meanwhile, is made after having aerated his glass (ie by spinning the wine). The following characteristics can be observed:

Intensity: Is the smell discreet or, on the contrary, frank?

Frank nose: wine defect or not, odor that harms the tasting (eg poorly washed glass)

Aromatic typicity: fruity / woody / floral / vegetal, complexity of the aroma (one aroma or more).

III. The mouth

The taste examination helps to define the balance of the wine. You have to take a little wine in your mouth and “chew” it to determine the following characteristics:

Attack: aggressive or not, therefore acidity, sugar and alcohol,

Tannin: red wines have more or less this tannin taste. We will talk about the roundness (little / no tannin) and astringency (tannin present).

Length in the mouth: determines the quality of the finish,

Retro-olfaction: validated or not the aromas of the nose,

Wine pairing: what dishes would fit best this wine,

Perspective of care: do we preserve or consume the wine in the year,

Aroma of wine: what aroma has wine.

Obviously, this examination has no good or bad answer. Two people tasting the same wine can find quite different aromatic characteristics. This is mostly about sharing our ideas about a wine. So, do not hesitate to give your opinion because it will not, in any case, be wrong.

Anyway, do not forget that enjoying a glass of wine with friends or others is not a contest. The most important, of course, is to savor this delicious nectar.

Now that you know how to taste a wine, discover the bottle that will capsize your taste buds :

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